To connect to InterLinked:


270-2441 300bps 8N1
270-2445 45.45bps US TDD
270-2450 50bps international TDD

Too new school? You can also telnet or SSH to port 2222 (SSH), 2223 (Telnet) - or, if you'd like, you can even access the BBS in your browser below!

We generally recommend against using the web console below, as it's laggy and an all around poor experience. Connect by modem, telnet, or SSH if possible. Connect by modem or SSH for a high-security connection.

The PhreakNet BBS is running LBBS (Lightweight BBS For Linux) — you can, too, if you want to run your own BBS!

NOTE The browser session seems to currently be broken, due to some issues with the fTelnet plugin. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you try using your local telnet or SSH program, it should work.